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Sovereign Priestess: Sari Starr

For thousands of years Priestesses have been Gatekeepers to the Mystery of the Universe.  Many who have come before this time, men and women, Truth Seekers and Wisdom Keepers, have dedicated their lives to helping humanity gain access to a much deeper understanding of our existence.

However their plight has been a long and arduous one.  We continue to face the fight for our birth-given right to be free, free from the afflictions of the forces who wish to stunt our evolution, our ability to heal, and our right to be sovereign beings in our true, natural environment.

To live in this time now as Light Workers carrying the torch of our elders and ancestors, is a responsibility that comes with great reverence.  It is time for the revival of truth, a time to manifest this wisdom into our physical experience and a time to END suffering on this planet using the tools that Mother Nature has gifted us.

As the Sovereign Priestess, I have embodied an archetype that represents all who desire to seek liberation from mental affliction and the freedom that sovereignty allows us to feel. The Sovereign Priestess is not only about Sari Starr, it is about the souls who wish to embark on this mission in community, to create a real paradigm shift in what we have believed to be our reality. To go beyond the veil of illusion and deepen our relationship with our true authentic self.

I’m here to teach people how to believe in Magic, by understanding that the Magic is who we really are, bringing the mystical to the mundane and becoming enchanted with life. I will help activate that Magic inside you by integrating the wisdom of Cannabis, Mushrooms and other plant medicines, so that you can experience a life that is in alignment with your soul’s purpose.


Ask yourself, what are you willing to give up to truly be empowered?
So now that you are here, tell me this:


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Hawaii has blown my heart wide open. So deeply grateful to Sari and Natalie for creating the event space and ceremonies to go deeper into this beautiful island and the magic this land has to offer and a place to transmute layers of shadows and allow for quantum healing on multiple levels. The space, land and gardens, food,  hand picked beings, songs, music and crafts, and all the musings- manifested into a life changing experience that I’m deeply and forever in gratitude and left with a golden nugget in my heart. I will cherish my new soul connections and new awareness. Embracing it All

  • Debra, Sovereign Retreat guest


The steps to harmonize ones surroundings is simple now that I've been shown the proper protocols and intentions to hold space and curate a safe environment. There is always more room for improvement and wisdom to come ground me into a stronger position within myself and help others be nurtured in their awakening processes. I take with me the fundamental teachings that were essential to building my confidence and futher my connection to the medicine. This is the class that will work best for those that, like me who was looking for a training that offered a diverse perspective and true honest reflections. I'm so grateful to the students and teachers that are definitely my soul family now.

Michael Kawa


Sari is a spiritually grounded conscious Being, and from this place she imparts her wisdom and years of experience into her teachings. As a psychotherapist, I appreciate the lens and knowledge Sari holds in blending the inner workings of mental health with the tools needed to be successful in holding space as a ceremonial facilitator and altered states of consciousness. I highly recommend her trainings, as well as sitting in ceremonial space with her. You will feel prepared and held in your journeys.

Paulina Smith

After having researched various psychedelic training modules, This one spoke out to me quite a bit more. While I could’ve joined so many different clinical trainings within my profession that offers CEU’s; there was something about  Sari and The authenticity, the aliveness, the music, and ceremonies that drew me in, and I was so very glad it did.!! An epic and magical training that brought much to the table. I encourage anyone to learn more about psychedelics and its expanding, healing properties as it starts to evolve into mainstream society, and this is one of the best trainings to dive into for that. Happy trails. 

Debra N.  LCSW

You will become a better space holder after spending this time and investment on yourself. It's an amazing investment.


Completing the Mush Love Initiation & ​filled with so much gratitude. This container has been much like a flower opening up to expose depths of myself & the journey ahead.  Sari Sylver Starr live transmissions her modules week for week truly tapping into the group & what the container needs.  Each week revealing deeper aspects & levels of "being of service" that must be explored while working with these Sacred Plant Masters.   The attention to detail as Sari holds all of us in her orbit of learning growing evolving together all sharing our Magick.  Sari truly has a gift for allowing others to explore & trust their Magick.  What i truly appreciate about Sari is her "Straight to the point, no cutting corners" embodiment of Divine Mentor that truly cares & gets we must evolve past our immaturity as a collective &it takes work so "do the work", i truly appreciated this about Sari as too many leaders are sugar coating Spiritual Development & Awakening only boosting the false ego, there is no such business with Sari & after years of self development & transformation there is nothing better than a mentor, guide teacher who pushs you to face the truth & evolve from the blocks, patterns, traumas & step into your sovereignty & Divinity.  So grateful to have been held in this Mush Love container & feel like I have met soul family. HARI OM


I just want to say that i’m extremely happy with this training I’ve learned so much, I look forward to every module. Every class exceeds my expectations. I’ve learned so much more about different plant medicines, about ceremonies, about different cultures, medicinal music. If you are looking to connect with like minded people and learn from each other I think Sari has done an amazing job leading this container, guiding us, inspiring us. I look forward to what’s next, excited for the Magick retreat in Hawaii and I will be there ready to absorb all this Light that Sari has been sharing with everyone. Thank you Sari!!

Norma Hernandez


I joined the Mush Love Initiation program because I wanted to deepen my own ceremonial medicine practice and gain the skills necessary to hold ceremonies for others. But I never expected the level of personal transformation Sari and her program have inspired in me. This is so much more than a class. It is truly a community. And potency of that community is guided and amplified by Sari’s wisdom and experience. This program has taught and empowered me on my path to becoming a true medicine man more than I ever thought possible.

John Bowman


The Mush Love training has exceeded my expectations. Sari is an amazing teacher. Sari shares her deep knowledge gained from lived and direct experience with this sacred medicine in a very powerful and understandable way Her integrity and moral compass are extraordi-nary, which is hard to find these days. I feel completely prepared to facilitate my own ceremonies because of my time learning from Sari, and the other amazing members of this training. It is truly an honor to have had this unique experience.

Jennifer Bruce

Sari and Natalie came to me through a Facebook group, and like a moth to a flame, their voices and the gentle shaking of the Chakapa tugged at my soul, drawing me to look closer at them and their offering.   I had been on a journey of investigating my inner world, waking from illusion for a few years and my body registered a hard Yes! as I read through their flier and listened to their song once again. I could not not sign up!  As the time approached the group met in an online container, sharing our stories and connecting so once we met face to face there were no strangers amongst us.  The land and facilities at Sundari were breathtaking, welcoming, grounding; I felt deeply the embrace of Mother Nature and the energies of the living land.   In the safe container provided by Sari, Natalie, and their helpers, I was able to deep dive into my patterns that were no longer serving me, discovering some of my core issues around the fear of abandonment while also having the fear of being seen.  Leaning into the ceremony provided by Sari and Natalie with guidance from the Plant Allies, my contrasting fears melded into the belief "I am not good enough"...  not pretty enough, not smart enough, not nice enough... Sitting with these beliefs and challenging the truth in them, feeling open and safe to expose them to the light, I saw that these beliefs were not fact.  I am enough.  I have everything I need right here in my Self.  This is the magic of investing in one's Self, investigating the inner workings of the mind-body-spirit connection, inviting our trauma and patterns to be seen, witnessed, transmuted and liberating what no longer serves.  I often wake in the morning to the songs of Sari and Natalie playing in my head, the beautiful faces of the group that shared in the experience smiling with light and love in their eyes, and my heart fills with gratitude.  I continue to integrate and expand as I find deeper meaning in my path, the essence of the Sovereign Journey flowing through my Being.  

- Namaste, Jennifer RN, Reiki Master


I wanted to thank you for the experience. The whole event was life changing and magical. I left as a different person armed for the long journey ahead. You and Natalie sing so beautifully. It was all well strategized and organized. Super impressed, never experienced anything like it. I thank you again for letting me be part of the experience.

  • Jose - Sovereign Retreat Guest



Sari and Natalie curated an amazing experience with so much knowledge, care and love. The location was magical, hand-picked to be the perfect place to hold our group and the different events that we participated in. The workshops and ceremonies were unique and fun, and so deep and thought-provoking/mind-expanding. The gorgeous live music and amazing homemade meals - every aspect of this container had so much love and care poured into it, and it was felt! These are powerful priestesses who are sharing their gifts to lead you through a spiritual journey that will change your life and awareness! I highly recommend Sari and Natalie’s retreats if you are seeking a transformative, healing and beautiful experience while spending a week in paradise!

  • Carolyn - Sovereign Retreat Guest

The connection I have felt with Sari since we first started working together in 2020 has been electric so when the opportunity came up for her to be even more of a teacher and mentor for me to hold space with medicine for others it was a no brainer I had to take the course. When she announced the Enchanted medicine retreat, I had learned to trust my gut to sign up for that as well. Meeting Sari in person finally, I learned that my teacher and guide was also my sister and friend and I am eternally grateful for that. My experience with the facilitator course has been full circle and has gifted me so much confidence and sharpening of the tools in my tool belt to help me be a guide. I have the identified the skills now thanks to the ceremonies and classes taken with Sari to help others believe in the magic, wake up and choose joy, lead with their hearts always and have the "best day ever" on repeat.




I am still unpacking the most amazing journey I took with Sari recently. It was a life altering experience, and I couldn’t imagine any one else being my guide. 

She is more than a guide - a Priestess, a Shaman….a Mystic perhaps - I can’t seem to find the correct words to embody everything she is and gives.

Sari is tapped into something powerful and primal, and shares that gift wholeheartedly as part of your journey. Sari is an amazing human and guide, and I am still processing transformative experience she curated for me. She is a gift from Mother Earth, and I am so grateful that our paths crossed.

  • - Tanya

I have been lucky enough to receive guidance and support from Sari through both a Santa Maria and Mushroom ceremony. I was able to have experiences of full surrender thanks to the ways she handled herself and prepared me. As someone who was new to some of the plant medicine, she was the perfect person to introduce me, with her extensive experience and knowledge as well as her own personal relationship with the plants and spirits. Going through a journey with the magnitude of what she offers takes trust. Although Sylver came into my life shortly before my ceremonies, I was able to put my full trust in her. In my very first connection with her, it was clear how genuine and authentic she was. 

In my preparation she gave me the knowledge, trust, and feeling of safety that I needed to surrender to the experience that we would be joining in together. During my ceremonies she provided a safe, intentional space. I felt that she had let go of any of her own stories or baggage that could conflict with my experience. She was able to be a clear guide in my personal journey. The support she provided with her music and voice really intensified my ability to let go and flow. During my ceremony I was more content and at peace than I ever have been in my life. More than I ever thought possible. That it one of the biggest things I was shown, the feeling of true peace. Writing this a month after my experience and still working through understanding my journey and transmuting my lessons, and I have not been alone. I want to thank Sylver for her continued support and guidance. I want to thank her for continuing to move with love and sharing her light in a world that has began to dim and often lose its way of love. Thank you, you bright beautiful being/sea star.


Hi Sari!

Honest to goodness that ceremony you lead was such a powerful and deep experience for me. So much transformational shifts happened, it made me hit an emotional block to release that i was holding onto without realizing.  I had so many visions that I kept seeing so many number sevens I just completely let loose and it was the best ceremony I have ever done and cleansed me so deeply. I came out of it with tears in my eyes from letting go of some pain i had tried to put aside. Such a beautiful moment all of it!

Since I got back from Cannabliss Retreats, everything, and i mean EVERYTHING, I was working to attract has fallen into place. That one day brought me to a new level of spirituality & I value and appreciate the people who contributed to that SO much. I will forever hold gratitude in my heart for you.

Nikita Cannabliss Retreats Guest, Canada


Sari's wisdom, authenticity, and power as a facilitator and Ceremonialist is magnetic. I am deeply honored and grateful to learn from her. I have received many trainings over the years, and in the Mush Love Initiation, I have learned and practiced space holding on a deeper level than ever before. This will bleed into everything I do, and is already leaving a huge imprint on my life. Sari delivers important information in the world of plant medicine with respect, integrity, and deep honor. I am so glad I took this training


I am writing this testimonial to express my deepest gratitude to Sari for the profound impact she has had on my life through her online initiation course. The journey I embarked on has been nothing short of transformative, and I want to share my experience.

Sari's facilitation and guidance in the online container have been truly remarkable. The discussions we have had, centered around topics like sacred medicines, living a good and productive life, and various other subjects, have broadened my perspective and brought about a newfound sense of insight and understanding. Sari's wisdom and expertise have created a safe space for exploration and self-discovery, allowing me to delve into the depths of my being.

The container Sari has nurtured is a haven for deep, meaningful discussions and connections. All participants, including Sari herself, have contributed unique and valuable perspectives. The format of the course encouraged the sharing of individual opinions and experiences, fostering a collective journey of growth and learning. The openness and authenticity within the container have created a sense of community that has been invaluable to me. The connections made and the shared experiences have enriched my life in ways I never anticipated.

Whether I ultimately become a ceremony facilitator, as Sari is, is still uncertain. However, the online course itself has been a profoundly fulfilling experience. It has expanded my horizons, challenged my beliefs, and allowed me to embrace personal growth on a deeper level. The knowledge and tools I have gained will continue to shape my journey regardless of the outcome.

Looking ahead, I am filled with anticipation for the upcoming retreat in October. Returning to the island of Hawaii and reuniting with Sari and Natalie holds the promise of further deepening my connection to myself and the sacred experiences we have shared to to mention the incredible hospitality and good vibes.🙂 I am open to any outcome, knowing that the experience of taking the online course has already been incredibly rewarding.

With deepest gratitude



I took Mush Love Initiation as I had felt the call to go deeper with my relationship with plant medicine. I wanted to start learning about holding safe ceremonial containers for people that could benefit from these medicines as I have in my life. However, I wanted some guidance in this area and wanted to understand exactly what is involved and how best to do it.

I can wholeheartedly say that MLI was exactly this for me and much more! Sari created such a safe space for all of us in the container and I felt very supported in exploring this area deeper. MLI has launched me into the understanding that I desired as well as given me the confidence to delve deeper in my journey in becoming a medicine woman. I also made connections with like-minded people and am continuing to learn with them. In short, MLI and specifically Sari has exceeded my expectations and I will be continuing to learn with Sari as I delve deeper in this area. I highly recommend MLI for anyone that is feeling the call to start holding space. This is the place for you!


Signing up for Sari’s Mush Love mushroom facilitator course was pure divine alignment, much like so many other synchronicities that have happened throughout our container. The magic has been so real and I’ve learned more in this course that I could have ever hoped for. I feel completely equipt to hold my own ceremonies now and share the knowledge I’ve received from Sari and our community with my clients. I feel this journey of holding space through mushroom ceremonies is going to be an integral part of the second half of my life and I couldn’t have felt the confidence to do this without Sari’s detailed training and without her open and honest dialogue throughout this container. Thank you for sharing your gift Sari! I am forever grateful


Heather Roma

I was nervous about meeting Sari for the first time because she is SO COOL. She is unabashedly authentic and
well rooted in her belief of the healing power of plants.

I initially came to Sari seeking branding guidance for my business Budding Mind. Having someone like Sari to bounce ideas off of and hold me accountable for meeting my goals was invaluable!

When we had meetings and chose to consume cannabis to guide us on our journey together, Sari would take me through mindful meditation and ritual to connect even deeper to the plant.

This in itself was tremendously beneficial for me to find alignment with my truth and mission for my brand.

I have so many golden nuggets of Sari-isms written down that sparked continual inspiration for me, and I am so grateful for our time together. If you’re looking for intentional, honest, and intelligent advice for your business I could not recommend working with Sari more. She is truly a gift and a delightfully progressive voice that is much needed in a sea of “gurus.” I love you, Sari! Thank you for everything and I can’t wait to make you even more proud of the things that I am working on thanks to your help and insight.

With gratitude,

Many years ago, I became inspired to learn about unconventional medicines that could help myself and my patients. My curiosity brought me to Sari. 

I met Sari for lunch, learned about her journey and passions, and quickly knew she was intuitive and spiritual, and she was offering her gifts to the world. Her guidance through my journey was magical. Sari provided an ideal environment; it was warm and comfortable, and I felt safe and reassured about what I was about to embark on. During our time together, her constant singing was a beautiful lullaby soothing the ebbs and flows that came during my journey. My experience was brilliant and surreal.

If you are interested in exploring this healing, and it is healing on every level of well-being, I can not recommend working with Sari enough. She listens to your intentions, thoughts, and concerns, and her knowledge, grace and beauty provide the environment needed to have a peaceful, lovely, and soul-filling journey.

- Dr. H
I still can't even stress to you how IMPORTANT your program was to my spiritual and wellness journey. I had lost all hope before I arrived at your retreat. The June prior to coming to Joshua Tree, I had tried to kill myself through an overdose. I almost succeeded.

Your retreat helped me. Around the time of my suicide attempt, I was also in the process of leaving fundamentally conservative religious upbringing. Your retreat exposed me to things I'd previously considered "weird." It made me feel that perhaps the world was not all bad, despite my recent traumatic experiences. Your retreat had a spiritual element I'd never experienced before.

Since leaving the retreat Sari created, I have simply experimented with different things and coming to conclusions about what's best for me. I've decided to live for my nervous system. Thanks to you, I was given hope in this regard. I didn't believe there was anything left in the world to help my depression and anxiety, after I had tried everything conventional from the mental health industry and southern religion, I thought there was nothing left for me. I didn't see how I could live in a world in such pain when there were no solutions for me. To be honest, when I came to the retreat, I was simply trying to rule out reasons to live. I thought it was totally crazy to try something so "offbeat" as marijuana. If God and Doctors couldn't help me, then how could this silly little plant help me? I was honestly not expecting much. But I loved it. It's like it was made JUST FOR ME....JUST FOR MY NERVOUS SYSTEM! It felt like meeting an old friend or a kindred spirit. I still remember the feeling all week. Even though it has been difficult not to have access to such potent medicine here in Tennessee, it gave me something I completely lacked prior to arriving...HOPE! I felt that maybe I was NOT a lost cause after all...I could be helped.

I really hope that other people will go to these retreats. For me, it was not just life-changing but life-SAVING.

Rebecca, Cannabliss Retreats Guest - Joshua Tree

The first cannabliss retreat was an incredible event and an amazing personal experience! from the organizers to the retreat guests to the daily visitors, everyone had a wonderful time. it felt like we were all part of a brand new movement full of infinite possibility. the seminars, the yoga, and the lifelong connections that we made were all revelatory, and the food was a definite highlight of the week. cannabis has the potential to change the world, and this retreat was a sample of what that could look like. i will undoubtedly attend cannabliss retreats in the future, and look forward to be a citizen of the blissful new world that that they are helping create!

Michael Debernardi, Cannabliss Ojai

I have to share the sweetest moment driving home from school today, I was so content, present, happy & grateful for the moment & being silly with my kids - not too unusual but maybe rarer than I’ve perceived, but then my youngest, Cormac, of my four kids, he’s 8 years old, said - “mom, you are so different since that retreat (Cannabliss!) - just so much happier.” Wow. It’s true. I’m on my path again.

Thank you Sari! I know you’ve poured your soul into curating Cannabliss & I’m forever truly grateful. Sending you Love & Gratitude.

Maureen - Cannabliss Retreats Guest - Canada

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